Are You Addicted To Your Psychic?

Has Your Psychic Convinced You To Max Out Your Credit Cards?

Has Your Psychic Told You You Are Under A Curse?

Psychics can be a fun source of entertainment. Psychics can be a diversion from the ‘real’ world. What happens if you run into a fraudulent psychic, or become addicted to psychics? You can lose everything; your money, your relationships, your health and your peace of mind. In the past it has been almost impossible to find assistance for these kinds of problems, but now, a new resource is available.

Vanessa N Weber, MSW, LCSW, a social worker with an unusual background in high control systems, has organized this website to promote healing for people affected by fraudulent psychics and psychic elements by individuals and cultic groups. Her forthcoming book, Psychic Abuse, will soon be available as a resource as well.

This website is dedicated to helping affected individuals by bringing them together; helping them share their stories; and pointing them to resources in their efforts to regain solace and dignity in their quest for the truth. Although a major part of this website will be dedicated to helping explain how psychics can dupe their clients, it is not the goal of this website to pass ultimate judgement on what or who is or is not psychic. Since many other sites urge people to keep their minds open to the possibility that psychic claims are real, on this site, participants are urged to try and keep an open mind to the possibility that psychic claims are not. Ultimately, each person must make up his or her own mind, as to whether their personal experiences are, or were, real or not. This is a personal matter, and beyond some limited personal sharing – the promotion of psychic phenomenon as truth – will not be helpful to group members, and thus may be removed from any public forum. Likewise attacks on individuals who claim to be psychics, will not be tolerated.

Following 12 Step Tradition, people are urged to share their Experience, Strength and Hope through the Stories Blog. In this way, we can learn together about what happened, how you realized that something was wrong, and how you were able to work through it. Turn to the Stories page for more information on this.

PsychicAbuse.com will also be building a list of resources for people who need help around the country. I urge people to send me any names of therapists, clergy, lawyers or other professionals who have been helpful. Please let me know how to contact you about your referral directly. I can be reached at; info@psychicabuse.com.

Welcome to you all!

Vanessa N Weber, MSW, LCSW

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